Who We Are

NOLAH was formed in 2012 by five friends living in San Diego, all of whom had lived in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas of Louisiana. All of us has experienced the challenge of recovery after disaster, either personally or in assisting friends and family to recover.

Through this personal experience, we have learned that the disaster recovery process does not follow the orderly process outlined by insurance companies, mortgage holders, and government agencies. We have taken the lessons learned, and use these lessons to assist homeowners and communities through a holistic approach: concentrate on a single neighborhood or town, assist each homeowner in that neighborhood who is in need, hire and purchase from local businesses to the best of our ability, and bring back an entire area – hence “Rebuilding Homes, Restoring Communities.” Our experience allowed us to assist residents in Braithwaite. Louisiana after Hurricane Isaac, and Baker, Louisiana, after the record-breaking rains in August, 2016.

In San Diego, we discovered another form of “disaster.” Older and disabled veterans, on fixed incomes, struggling to maintain their homes or in need of modifications to allow them to continue to live there safely. As a military town, San Diego has thousands of veterans in this situation.

Our shared hometown of New Orleans is remembered through the “NOLA” in our name. But what does the “H” stand for?
HELP – Help for homeowners, businesses, veterans, and communities.
HOPE – In a time when many can feel hopeless, we seek to restore hope.
HOME – After being displaced for weeks and months, there is nothing that compares to coming home.